Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I appreciate the inquiries--and some gifts (thank you!)--that some readers are making for “Bicycle India 2007.” I want to give you a brief update, point you to our new website, and invite your support in several ways. Here are some bullet-points on the project:

  • THREE + TWO + ONE. Plans and logistics are proceeding well for our 2,000-mile ride from the southern tip of India up to the capitol, New Delhi, beginning December 30, 2006. North American riders Bob Yardy, Bishop Joe James, and I, will be joined by two Indian riders and a driver of a support vehicle for the six-week trek.

  • TRAINING RIDES. We’ve been training together and individually throughout the summer, hoping the heat of the American summer will help us simulate the heat of the Indian winter. Daily rides will continue throughout the fall…up to December 25!

  • CHICAGO TO MUMBAI ON BOXING DAY. Our direct flight on Air India to Mumbai (Bombay) leaves Chicago, O’Hare the day after Christmas. We’ll check our carefully-boxed bikes as luggage.

  • FINANCIAL SUPPORT STILL NEEDED. We’re still looking for financial support to cover basic project costs. $7,000 of the anticipated $25,000 ride budget is still needed. This amount includes our support for two Indian riders and a driver for a support vehicle. We appreciate the funds that have been contributed, as well as supplies and in-kind support that has been donated.

  • CAPITAL FUND GRANTS IN PROCESS. We are encouraged by the submission of grant requests to foundations for capital funds to rebuild Umri Christian Hospital. Responses are pending. We will continue to aggressively pursue funding sources for the capital project. Know of a medical fellowship or funding source you think we should pursue? Please let me know!

  • 630 BIKES FOR INDIA…SO FAR. We are elated that VBS children, youth groups, congregations, and individuals have contributed funds for 630 bicycles for pastors and outreach workers! We’re just 120 bikes short of our goal of raising funds for 750 bikes @ $50 each at this point.

  • HOW YOU CAN HELP: FINANCIAL SUPPORT. Your financial support is welcome. If you desire to support in this way, please follow the instructions on the website ( You will receive a tax-deductible receipt within a week of your contribution. Thanks for what you’re willing and able to do.

  • HOW YOU CAN HELP: PRAY. Before and beyond our plans and financial arrangements, I am very much aware that prayer is critical to this effort. Please join me in prayer for Umri Christian Hospital and this project. The event itself is a form of a prayer. I ask God to use us and use it to rebuild a hospital, save and change lives, and fuel a generation of hope in central India. I pray that God also continues to transform me through this project. It is one way I am responding to God’s call and being available to be worked through.

  • HOW YOU CAN HELP: MAY I PRESENT BICYCLE INDIA 2007 TO YOUR GROUP? I am available on a limited basis to speak to church, civic, and organization groups about Bicycle India 2007. I have a concise and poignant presentation (PPT included) that I can share in 10, 15, or 20-minute segments. I believe our effort can inspire your associates in their vision about making a difference near and far.

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