Wednesday, August 9, 2006


AND THEY'RE OFF! Our summer ends prematurely. On the day the Indiana State Fair opens, Molly and Sam return to the public school classroom, Abby leaves for a week in Michigan before heading to Illinois for her varsity soccer team camp, and Jared is serving in New Orleans with his university soccer team. Just like, that, they're off!

TOGETHER BRIEFLY. We've had a good time with everyone in the house--more or less--for most of June and July. We squeezed in a week of vacation together. But we think more in terms of brief periods or moments of being all together as a complete family now. All six of us under one roof or in one place at the same time is becoming a novelty. That is as it should be, I suppose.

BE FLUID IN YOUR PERCEPTIONS. And how do we imagine our family? At what stage? In what moment in time? This photo is five years old. It seems to capture a bit of one golden moment among others. Just as easily a photo from last week--had we taken one--would be golden, too, at least in my mind and heart. I want to be as fluid as I can in my regard for our family and each child--not locking in presumptively to "the best time" or "the way it used to be" or "wish it was." A test of passage now is letting go of the past and accepting what is to come and is also out of our control.

A SEASON OF TRUST. In terms of family, we seem to be on the verge of a season of trust in what we are in Christ, in what we have offered, and of support for the best pursuits and aspirations of our children. O God, be pleased to equip us for this part of the journey.

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