Saturday, August 19, 2006


It's been a busy last third of the week.

JARED TO OLIVET NAZ. Becky accompanied Jared to Olivet Nazarene University on Friday, like I accompanied Abby to the university for the beginning of her freshman year two years ago. I pray God's best for Jared during this new chapter of his life. There is so much I yearn to share and offer him; but now is apparently not the time. Now is the time of sending and trusting and praying.

MOLLY & THE GIANTS. Molly and the Ben Davis Lady Giants trounced Plainfield 6-0 on Monday but dropped a heartbreaker to Brownsburg in the last five minutes of the game after leading 2-1 up to that point. The last goal, making it 3-2 for Brownsburg, was clearly a missed offsides call--even the Brownsburg coach said so after the game. Molly played defense like a trooper; she's becoming quite good at clearing the ball forward with precision.

SAM JUGGLING TWO TEAMS. Sam is launched into 8th grade. He's attempting to play soccer both for the Westside United Soccer Club and for the Ben Davis 7th & 8th grade team. We'll see how things go. The first interesting test for Westside United comes Wednesday, when the team has a friendly against Carmel United's top team (this is Sam's old club); Sam is certainly motivated for this one. WSU U-14's play locally in the Pike Fest tourney next weekend.

MOVING A BIT NORTHWARD. We have our house on the market (interested? check out 814 Aberdeen with F. C. Tucker @ and we're scheduled to close on a 25-year old house just south of Eagle Creek Park early in September. Hard to believe we've lived here 12 years. It's been a great house, a good neighborhood, good school experiences, and convenient for mobility around the metro area. We're grateful for all we've experienced here. We're tidying up the place (amazing the to-do list that accumulates!) and it's been shown by realtors four times in the first week with some folks making a second visit. We're also boxing up and getting ready for the move just a few miles north on I-465 in a few weeks.

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