Monday, August 14, 2006


"Not only Christians but all Americans subscribe to the notion that 'all people are created equal.' But how many feel the monstrosity of inequality? I'm thinking not only of racial inequality, but also of today's excess of wealth and poverty, the absence of affordable housing that 'Mr.Conservative,' Senator Robert Taft, in the 1940s considered a moral imperative. (The stated goal of the 1948 Taft Housing Legislation was a decent home for every American family."

"Few of us today are troubled by the way our economy flourishes not by providing necessities but by providing luxuries, and by the national goal of ending welfare as we know it, when a more just goal would be seeking to end poverty as we know it. We Christians mean well, feebly. We may be repelled by materialism, but we are caught up in it. We are troubled by widespread poverty, but we overly esteem wealth. In short, ours generally is a superficial religious identity, and a superficial religious identity is just that. Superficial."

-- William Sloane Coffin in Credo

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  1. There's a wonderful interview with the Rev. Coffin at the Religion and Ethics News Weekly site:


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