Thursday, August 17, 2006


I recently shared the following principles from Romans 12 regarding ways we can allow our relationships to shape us in Christ’s likeness:

1. Approach all relationships with a developing understanding of yourself as a graced and growing disciple of Jesus Christ. Romans 12:1-2. Don’t check your identity in Christ at the door of a new or continuing relationship, opportunity, or situation.

2. Know that your ability to contribute to, sustain, and grow a relationship will come from your faith in Jesus more than from anything else. Romans 12:3-8. You might have tons of personality and pizzazz, but it is faith in Jesus that brings purpose, strength, and joy in your relationships.

3. Christlikeness distinguishes itself in different relationships through humility, sincerity, devotion, compassion, and harmony. Romans 12:9-16. Surprise your friends: Don’t be typical; instead, be who Jesus is and do what Jesus would do.

4. Christlikeness commits to express love for enemies and to repay evil with good, leaving outcomes up to a just and merciful God. Romans 12: 17-21. We know the rotten outcomes of hating enemies and of apathy for disgruntled and misguided people. Let’s explore the investment of courageous love--for their benefit and ours.

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