Sunday, July 30, 2006


“Not only do sacraments say something, but they actually do something...”

“Without inner love and commitment, the marriage ceremony would be a farce, a parody of the true meaning of marriage. Likewise, without faith the sacraments are merely outward forms accomplishing nothing. But with love and commitment the marriage ceremony actually brings a true marriage into being. And with faith, the sacraments accomplish what they were designed to do—impart to the believer the grace of God. The ‘outward sign’ and the ‘inward grace’ working together—these are what make a sacrament.”

“God has ordained the sacraments, and Christ has commanded our participation in them, and when received in faith, they convey to us a special status before God and unlimited access to God’s grace.”

— Rob L. Staples in Outward Sign and Inward Grace

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