Sunday, July 2, 2006


Congratulations to George Hincapie. The faithful lieutenant of Lance Armstrong and only American to ride in all seven of Armstrong's Tour de France victories has donned the Yellow Jersey of the overall race leader at the end of Stage 1.

MY TURN. Big George was in second place, just .73 seconds behind Thor Hushovd, at the end of Saturday's Prologue. On Sunday, he gained a few points (and precious seconds) during an intermediate sprint to put him ahead of Hushovd and into the Maillot Jaune. Hincapie has made a career of helping Lance Armstrong get into--and maintain--the Yellow Jersey. Maybe it's time for the Discovery Channel team to help George keep it for awhile.

DOPING HYSTERIA ASIDE, LET THE RACE ROLL! After all the doping hysteria and dumping of pre-race favorites implicated in the Operacion Puerta affair, the Tour de France got underway without a hitch in Strasbourg, Germany on Saturday with a 7 kilometer Prologue followed by a 183 kilometer Stage 1 on Sunday. One stage down, only 19 to go! Ahh...the glory of July! Let the race roll.

EVENTS JUST FOR DOPERS. I have an idea about what to do with all the sports dopers. Read it...and my other reflections about the Tour thus far at - The Tour de France for the Rest of Us.

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