Wednesday, June 7, 2006


It looks like, for the moment, all three of our kids who are active in club soccer are playing for Westside United based in Avon, Indiana. After two nights of tryouts, Sam received an invitation to play for the Westside United U-14 team coached by Dustin Ottesen, the club's Director of Coaching. This is the club's best primiere team in the age bracket. Congratulations, Sam. Molly plays on Westside United's U-15 squad and Jared plays for the club's U-18 team, also coached by Ottesen and playing in the semi-final game for the State Cup tomorrow evening. After traveling to the four corners of the region for several years with kids on different clubs, the 6-mile trek out to Dan Jones Road in Avon (although on the heavily traveled, often jammed Highway 36/Rockville Road) will seem like a cake walk.