Saturday, June 24, 2006


AUDACIOUS STAND. I wrote this a few years ago; it reflects my current perspective and prayer. "As I observe the team of folks who are attempting to lead our congregation in worship today, I pray for all who, all over the world in thousands of traditions and in myriad manner, try to lead others in the worship of God today. I have often been in this position--and likely will be again--so my prayer is also for myself. Presumptiveness is the first sin of worship, one which evangelicals repeat most often. The second sin is carelessness."

"Even as they stand before congregations,
their own people--
stand audaciously as ones who
prompt their sisters and brothers--
to cant,
to sing,
to recite,
to urge,
to direct,
to pray,
O God, honor their best intentions.

Granted, their efforts may be
pitiful and misguided,
even misguiding, though
launched with all vigor
and careful planning.

But look into the heart,
search for desire to know You,
to commune with You,
to glorify You--
and to lead others to do the same.

In spite of all that may
unwittingly miss the mark,
work through them in these moments
to draw us all--
all who all over the world today
look to You,
who openly confess our need of You--
draw us close to You,
to one another,
and to the world
in love.


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