Thursday, June 29, 2006


See my Tour de France-eve post titled "Cycling's a Bit Nuts Right Now" at

EVERYBODY'S ON EDGE. Right now, it's worse than I describe in my commentary. The starting line-up of the Tour de France has never been so unsure this close to its start. Top contenders have been named in a Spanish newspaper as being part of a major investigation for doping. The list includes Ivan Basso and Jan Ullrich, either of whom could win the Tour. One cycling journal calls the current atmosphere "schizophrenic." The nearly hourly news breaks can be followed at

LET THE RIDING BEGIN. But, make no mistake, the Tour de France will begin on Saturday, July 1...with or without top contenders, with or without those alleged of using banned chemicals and procedures. Those of us who love to follow the Tour will be relieved, along with the riders themselves, just to see the thing get underway.

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