Saturday, May 20, 2006


A good article produced by the Indianapolis Star on the growth and development of urban biking in Indy and Central Indiana is at this link. "The Wheel Deal" surveys what bicycle activists are accomplishing and planning in the region, trying to make us more bicycle friendly. With gas prices what they are--and are predicted to become--it makes sense (and cents) to travel by bicycle. The caveats are these: (1) clearly-designated areas for biking need to be more abundant and (2) motorized vehicle drivers must become more conscious of bicycles in their midst and share the road.

CYCLE BLINDNESS. My only hesitation in riding my bike to work more frequently are the routinely-crazed vehicle commuters hell-bent on beating every other vehicle ahead of them on the way to and from work. These people scare me. Still, in nearly twenty years of riding frequently on Indianapolis streets and Central Indiana roads, I have never been run off the road, threatened, wrecked, or treated abusively by drivers. I do not experience ill will for cyclists; I do experience the "cycle--and pedestrian--blindness" of drivers.

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