Thursday, May 18, 2006


"We are called to experience the Resurrection in our own lives by entering into this dynamic movement, by following Christ who lives in us. Christ lives in us if we love one another. And our love for one another means involvement in one another's history. Christ lives in us and leads us, through mutual encounter and commitment, into a new future which we build together for one another. Such is the timeless message of the Church not only on Easter Sunday but on every day of the year and every year. The Resurrection is not a doctrine we try to prove or a problem we argue about: it is the life and action of Christ himself in us by his Holy Spirit." – Thomas Merton

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  1. The Resurrection is not a doctrine. I love that. I agree with that. It is real in the life of the world. It is real in the lives of the people around us. It is real. And what the church is called to do -- it seems to me -- is to witness to that. That is to say that we Christians and united together in the church we are called to shine our light on the presence and the power of the resurrection around us. yes, yes, yes.


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