Friday, May 5, 2006


Part of my extended training for riding 2,000 miles through India in six weeks beginning December 28, 2006 leads me to long rides on my days off (if a pastor really has such a thing). Today, I rode from southern Marion County into Johnson, Morgan and Brown Counties in order to get into the hills. Glaciers in the last ice age left what is now northern Indiana mostly flat. But there is a clear end of the glaciers' impacts just about at the northern border of Brown County. The drop off into incredibly hilly terrain is quite distinctive and Brown County's attraction for "northerners" is found in its splendid hill country. This is the area of the annual "Hilly Hundred" bicyle tour that draws about 5,000 of us. I rode up Helmsburg Road hill on the way into Nashville; it was a bit of a challenge. We aren't expecting to ride hilly country in India, but you never know.

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