Monday, April 24, 2006


My postings throughout last week were predominantly quotations or excerpts by others on the meaning and application of Jesus' resurrection. As with most of my postings on bikehiker, I am putting out there (on here) things that I am reading, considering, processing, or just find interesting. Some of the writings inspire me, some challenge me, some prod me to move outside my usual patterns of thinking and acting. As they are helpful to me, I hope they are helpful fodder for the soul searching of others.

HOW DOES IT FUNCTION? I realize that I am not overtly or directly spilling my guts regarding my personal beliefs, doubts or issues with such things as the Resurrection (capitalized when it refers to the resurrection of Jesus Christ; non-caps when referring to resurrection in general) in my postings here. It should be clear that I'm primarily interested in how resurrection faith is interpreted and applied in daily patterns of individual decision-making and behavior and in corporate, governmental, and social structures and behavior (i.e., principalities and powers). I will leave arguing historicity to others. I'm not sure we "prove" anything or win the hearts of people by traditionally-accepted arguments, argumentativeness, apologetics, etc. "Influence," yes; "prove," no. Regardless, what interests me is whether or not, and if so, how the Resurrection functions in our lives, relationships, organizations, society, systems, and world.

PERSONAL APPLICATION. At the heart of this inquiry/exploration is also the personal question for me: how does the Resurrection function in my life, relationships, leadership, commitments, decisions, understandings, approaches, perspective, outlook, attitude, actions, etc? I am on alert because of this concern: religiosity, or what one commenter recently called "Churchianity," talks big about the Resurrection but does not make it central in practice. Why? I have my suspicions and opinions. But what am I overlooking? Is there more substance to traditionally, conservatively-articulated and expressed notions of the place of the Resurrection than I am giving credit?

INCARNATING RESURRECTION. I appreciate Mike's comments, as he is expressing the reality of resurrection fellowship through the neighborhood ministry of Broadway UMC. If you knew of the urban community context in which he serves, these expressions of resurrection would be all the more heartening. I am certain of this: we will not know the reality or power of resurrection apart from the practice of it in relationship and in tough situations. The quest continues...

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  1. Thi morning in my devotions I came across the following from a little book called "Life from Within" by Brother Roger of Taize:

    If you were not risen,
    Lord Christ, to whom would we go
    to discover a radiance
    of the face of God?

    If you were not risen,
    we could not be together
    to seek your communion.
    We would not find in your presence
    wellspring of a new beginning.

    If you were not risen,
    where would we draw the energy
    for following you
    right to the end of our existence
    for choosing you again and anew?


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