Saturday, April 1, 2006


We start the day in Indianapolis and wind up in the heart of Colorado's ski country. I begin the day working and end it launching into a week of R&R. The Final Four hoopla is just a few miles away from our house; by the time the second game begins on CBS national telecast this evening, we'll be watching it 1,000 miles away in Breckenridge. This will the 8th year in a row our family spends Spring Break in Breck in the hospitality of my in-laws.

RECREATING RESPONSIBLY. Conditions in Summit County are excellent for spring skiing; there is a 78-inch base of snow on the mountains as of this morning. Midday temps are projected to be in the mid-40's with partly sunny skies throughout next week. In addition to recreating responsibly, we pray for safety and renewal of our hearts.

WORSHIP AT THE MOUNTAIN. Our tradition is to attend the early service at Saint John the Baptist Episcopal Church in Breckenridge on Sunday morning. There is no music in the early service, but rich liturgy from the Book of Common Prayer and a challenging Gospel sermon can be counted on.

WESLEY & THE BCP. By the way: Did you know that John Wesley and the early Methodists used the Book of Common Prayer both in Sunday worship and in daily reading? Did you know that John Wesley partook of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper weekly in worship--and as often as he had opportunity between Sundays--and advocated the same for the early Methodists? Contrast: a third-generation Free Methodist recently observed that the Sacraments were, during his upbringing, "optional."

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