Friday, April 28, 2006


"One of the tasks of ministry is to show people their divine gifts. A gift becomes visible in the eyes of the receiver. As ministers, we awaken others to their own qualities by receiving, celebrating, and valuing them, by accepting those gifts and expressing our gratitude."

"This happens when we interpret something as the grace of God in the other. It becomes revolutionary when the poor can realize their giftedness and know that they have something to give the world. Liberation theology is about claiming that giftedness and setting it free."

-- Henri Nouwen, quoted in The Road to Peace edited by John Dear (Orbis, 1998)

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  1. John -- Yes, yes, yes. I wish this was at the core of what seminaries taught in preparing us for ministry. Yes, yes, yes. I wish that our (UM) Board of Ordained Ministry would even think of this once when they are considering not only preparing people for ministry in the church -- but also for the continuing education. I just can't think of a moment when that has happened. And I wish I could do this better in and through my ministry - and seeing Nouwen's words remind me of what our calling is...


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