Monday, April 10, 2006


I made my way downtown early this evening for the immigration rally in support of fair legislation regarding Latino residents and neighbors. About20,000 people, mostly Latino, gathered peacefully on the southside of the City/County Building. It was a very inspiring event and I've been told it is the largest rally in Indy history. These were families and individuals who our neighbors and who are making a significant commitment and contribution to our communities. Hundreds of thousands gathered peacefully across the nation--all for a fair way to legalization of undocumented aliens and against prejudice and exploitation.

I haven't seen so many American flags waving in a long, long time. And to think our legislators (and the hateful, fearful people who give them money and pressure them) want to make a significant number of these folks felons? I am hopeful cooler heads and more compassionate hearts will prevail in Washington, D. C. regarding proposed and pending legislation on immigration. More on this later.

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