Sunday, April 23, 2006

“To practice resurrection means being an agent of redemption, and agent of healing, an agent of reconciliation. Because we have been forgiven, we, too, are called to forgive…To practice resurrection means finding ways to help people realize that even though the world appears to be going to hell in a hand basket, it really isn’t. Christ is at work giving people a chance to start again, helping people to believe even after they have considered all the facts that there is still hope.” -- Kenneth Kovacs

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  1. Today at Broadway, after worship, we had a gathering of neighbors. Anita and Stephanie (neighbors) cooked the meal. De'Amon hosted. People gathered around tables and talked about their gifts. They talked about the things they cared about. The people who were gathered would have never found themselves together in any other way. People without much money -- but with a lot to offer gathered around those tables. They laughed and dreamed together. Carmen and De'Amon and Maya and Tyson and Sarah and Pam and Yusef and Mark and David and Duane and Brian and Brandon and Crystal (the masseuse) and Crystal (the non-masseuse) and many, many more -- thanks for practicing resurrection before my very eyes today.



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