Monday, April 24, 2006


I try to ride downtown, the Canal, and the Monon frequently. These are three good urban areas for walkers, bikers, bladers, and other people using various mobility contraptions. But urban biking isn't limited to these areas. I like riding through urban neighborhoods, sometimes veering off the Monon just to see what's going on. While I still love to ride the woods--and the developing trails in Brown County State Park are the best ride I've had so far on a mountain bike--the city is where I live and biking is quite fun in this terrain and setting. Riding through the museum district or business district or around Conseco Fieldhouse, RCA Dome, or Victory Field at game or event times is a blast. As I do this, I try to keep in mind and to pray for my upcoming 2000-mile ride from the southern tip of India to New Delhi in January 2007.

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