Saturday, April 8, 2006


Photo: This is the whole gang who worked the peaks of Breckenridge this week. Molly's guest was Ashley Sullivan; we were privileged to have John & Marilyn Thomas join us for most of the week, too.

We're safely back on the ground in Indy after a
week in the Colorado Rockies, grateful for the week that was and looking forward to the fullness of Holy Week ahead.

A week in Breckenridge is physically challenging and invigorating as well as restful and renewing. We ski and snowboard until we are worn out then go inside to rest, read, converse, and sleep. I'm usually asleep before 9 pm during Spring Break. This is one difference between being twenty-something and forty-something!

Here are a few things I engaged during the week while not on the mountain slopes:

1. Started reading The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman, subtitled "A brief history of the twenty-first century." Friedman details how the flatness of the world, due to information technology, has changed and WILL change our lives. My interest in checking the book out of the library was his heavy reference to India as a primary symbol of the developing flatness.

2. Read more poems in Wendell Berry's newest collection, Given.

3. Watched "Emmanuel's Gift," an inspiring documentary about a young man from Ghana who pedals across his country with one leg in order to challenge long-held negative notions about disabilities. Oprah Winfrey narrates the DVD.

4. As part of my weekly discipline, I edited "Life Together on West Morris Street," "The Compass," "Grace Notes," and helped coordinate worship planning and Sunday's bulletin. Writing is an integral part of my life and expressions of ministry.

5. I read a bit more of other folks' blogging efforts than I typically have time for. Folks who don't blog don't understand it or appreciate it's promise very well. And even those of us who are attempting to work with this medium (for the sake of being a hopeful and redeeming presence as it develops) don't begin to realize its fullest positive potential. I thought this week that I would like to make positive comment and contribution to others' blogs more in the future.

6. We made our annual visit to the outlet mall at Silverthorne. I comb the store for necessities and rare "good deal" finds. I came up almost empty-handed this year (possibly because I just have much more than I really need!), but purchased three books at a wholesale bookstore. One by Howard Kuntzler, titled The City in Mind, looks like it will be a good read. I continue to be fascinated by all that contributes to the unique personality and heart of a city. Kuntzler, an urban architect and author of the breakthrough books Geography of Nowhere and Home from Nowhere, is always insightful.

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