Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I picked up two books on cross-country cycling at the public library today. I had not heard of either, but of all the books available on the subject, these piqued my interest the most at the time.

Spokesongs (Pineleaf Productions, Seattle, 1997) interests me because in it Willie Weir tells of his adventures of riding through India, South Africa, and the Balkans. I am most interested, obviously, in learning of his experiences in India, which I hope to ride through beginning December 28, 2006.

Roll Around Heaven All Day by Stan Purdum (Communication Resources, Inc., Canton, Ohio, 1997) looks interesting more for the insights and tips for various types of riding experiences as he ventures across America. This book is subtitled "A Piecemeal Journey Across Amerca by Bicycle." The Interim Central Library of the Indianapolis/Marion County Public Library in downtown Indy has numerous books on cross-country cycling and other books on cycling. A good resource to keep in mind.

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