Friday, March 31, 2006

Rough Central Indiana weather at the end of the third month

"March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb." Well...not this year, not here in Central Indiana.

HEAVY RAIN, FINAL FOUR. It rained cats and dogs this morning, the heaviest rain I've seen in years. The roadway looked like a lake. Then, the weather cleared up and we had a sunny afternoon with temperatures in the low sixties. Jared, Sam and I spent the afternoon downtown watching George Mason, LSU, Florida, and UCLA basketball teams practice for the Final Four games that begin tomorrow at the RCA Dome. We also strolled around, taking in the festive activities of the weekend.

THREATENING STORMS. Then, around 6:30 pm, a line of storms came across the area. Severe thunderstorm warnings were issued. Then tornado warnings. We had quite an impressive lightning display in the southern sky. With high winds, the strom blew across our neighborhood but left west Indianapolis unscathed. The storm was immediately followed by a clear sky revealing a setting sun--a remarkable, memorable sight.

TORNADO ON THE GROUND. Folks to the southeast of Indianapolis have not fared so well. Even as I write, an eastbound tornado is reported to be on the ground in Shelby County. May all lives in its path take cover and be spared.

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