Thursday, March 2, 2006


COURTING SCENE. The American President is in India, meeting with the Indian Prime Minister. America's industrialists and merchants salivate anew at India's market potential. The world's most powerful democracy smilingly bears down on the world's largest. One wants cheap labor and more market control. The other wants resources to generate energy for its billion-plus people and emerging economy. It looks like each leader thinks he's getting what he wants.

BEWARE, INDIA. Beware, India. Remember the English East India Company. You owe no one nothing. You are beholden to no power. You are obligated to no nation. Beware, India. While some say "democracy," they act to entangle you in their web of obligation and control. Approach all offers with caution. Walk away unless your terms are met. Do not let yourself be plunged again into subjection, even in the name of goodwill and freedom. Believe in your own capacity and self-determined future. Do not settle for mere technology and respectable industrialization. Believe in your ability for peaceful leadership in a not-too-distant future.

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