Saturday, February 11, 2006


Hard to believe three weeks have passed and we are on our way back to America from such an ancient and contemporary land. Here are a few photos that I shot during the past week. I am now wondering what my transition to my "homeland" will be like over the next few weeks...

Joe James stands with the 15 Indian-made Atlas bicycles that were purchased primarily with a donation from the Niles, Michigan Free Methodist Church. We rode with 12 tribal Indian village missionaries 120 km over two days. The kicker: they were every heavy single-speed bikes and the terrain was not flat. Ugh!

One of our stops along the road between Yavatmal and Umri.

This is Umri Christian Hospital, a deteriorating facility, which we hope to ride over 2,000 miles through India at the beginning of 2007 to raise funds to rebuild.

Joe James stands at one of the mile markers along the road -- it says "Yavatmal, 51 km."

Some "RTO's" -- that is, Road Traffic Officers -- keep traffic in check along both urban and rural roads in India. We also encountered a herd of more than 30 camels, flocks of goats, sheep. We saw monkey both in rural areas as well as around the retreat center we stayed at a few days in Nagpur, a city over over a million human inhabitants. Who knows the population of monkeys? As you may know, cattle are considered sacred in India. Many roam freely, but many are also harnessed to produce milk for the nation.

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