Saturday, February 25, 2006


Photo: Joe James and I make a brief stop for a photo during our initial day of riding near Yavatmal, India, during the last week of January.

Joe James and I plan to join Bob Yardy of Champaign, Illinois, and two Indian riders for a 3,400 km ride through India beginning December 28, 2006 through the first week of February 2007. The project, "Bicycle India 2007" intends to raise funds to rebuild Umri Christian Hospital, a 55-year old Free Methodist-operated hospital in central India.

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  1. Hi!

    What an amazing ambition! Fantastic! Have you done such a trip before? I will keep track of you blog, surely.

    By the way, my Blog is - the objective is to know as much as possible from Bloggers about bikes so I can make the best decision there is. I am also looking at it from a Blogging/internet perspective an am curious how far this plan can get me in a few months...

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