Thursday, January 12, 2006


How many more times will Pat Robertson misrepresent the Christian faith, embarrass the U. S. government, and make a fool of himself over the public airwaves? He continues to apologize, sort of, for his outlandish statements. But it is clear that the tele-evangelist's guru-like assertions keep on coming and are increasingly inappropriate (at the least). No, Ariel Sharon's stroke and brain hemmorrage are NOT God's judgment for his policies on Palestine. Neither is it good Christianity or good U. S. diplomacy to call for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to be "taken out."

FIREBRAND FRATERNITY. Pat may be surprised that so many people are so upset at his assertions, especially since a lot of us have been simply dismissing and disregarding him for years. It seems that we evangelicals do a very poor job of policing or controlling our own. Who has the authority or influence to reel these guys in? Then again, Pat is rather tame compared to some of our even more Fundamentalistic brethren. It's a pretty rough-edged firebrand fraternity. Attempts to reason with them and point out the poverty of their Biblical interpretation are futile.

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  1. Up until recently I was unaware of who Pat Robertson was. I knew his face on the 700 Club, a show I refused to watch but couldn't tell you exactly why. Now, everything is much more clear, and I, too, am very confused as to how on earth someone like him can come to have so much influence. Truly baffling. And still, as you said, he is nothing compared to some.


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