Saturday, January 7, 2006


I am on the brink of teaching a course for the third consecutive semester at Indianapolis Peace House, an emerging presence for peace learning and community justice studies in the city. A Plowshares Project initiative supported by Lilly Endowment, Indianapolis Peace House invites college students to spend a semester immersed in community peace and justice challenges; students live together in this grand old Near Northside house, serve a peace & justice internship in a local non-profit, and complete six hours of classes. I am growing with "Introduction to Urban Issues of Peace and Justice," a three credit-hour course that explores the dynamics of urban development and community life through its conflicts and resolutions in a specific setting we call Indianapolis. This semester, six students from Goshen College, Earlham College, Indiana University-East, and University of Indianapolis are enrolled in IPH. I look forward to the exploration and discovery with them.

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  1. I stumbled upon your blog after a quick research of the Peace House. A dear friend of mine is studying there this semester. Best wishes to you all!


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