Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Does our President think he can diminish citizen disgust and worldwide angst over the debacle in Iraq by finally admitting some mistakes were made and by trying to let it suffice that he "takes full responsibility?" No way.

PRESSURED FACTS, SKEWED REALITIES. The reason "mistakes were made" is because the Bush Administration was anxious to go to war against Saddam Hussein. They set up an environment that pressured facts and skewed realities and tried to fabricate a sense of the truth built on the most shadowy fact-bearers. They believed there to be weapons of mass destruction. They believed there to a link between 9/11 terror and Saddam Hussein's regime. They believed these unsubstantiated "truths" evangelically and promoted them evangelistically.

RUSH TO WAR. They rushed to war with immature bravado and arrogance, certain of overwhelming victory. They took "no" from no one at home or abroad. They used American goodwill and power to bully allies and pressure emerging democracies. And now we are expected to accept, "Oh well, we were wrong?" And we are expected to continue to give credence and confidence to this leadership? No way.

CONFIDENCE DEFICIT. Our President says he had "political capital" that he intended to use. Guess what? It's gone. In its place, America is in deficit on a number of fronts. And a "we made mistakes" is all we get in return? No way.

DIVERTING ATTENTION. Does our President hope, by benignly admitting that "mistakes were made," divert attention and keep his minions from indictment, prosecution and/or culpability when full investigations are finally permitted after months and years of Republican blocking tactics? No way.

WHAT AMERICANS DESERVE. Americans deserve better than "mistakes were made." America's credibility deserves a full accounting. America's lost integrity deserves to be restored by the only means a free democracy has legitimately at its disposal--justice. America's patriots and those willing to lay down their lives to defend America's freedoms deserve something far beyond what this Presidential Administration is giving it.

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