Monday, December 12, 2005


STILL NO DRAFT. A year ago, I predicted that a military draft would be instituted within twelve months. Given the diminishing number of recruits for all branches of the military, the desperate antics of recruiters, and the over-extended tours of duty called-up troops continue to undergo, it seemed--and seems--plausible for President Bush to call for the draft. But it has not yet occurred. To institute the draft at this point in this increasingly unpopular--and unjust and misguided--war would be politically untenable. But that doesn't seem to be the kind of prospect that has yet deterred this President.

"30,000" OR SO. When asked today how many Iraqi's had been killed in the war, the President said he guessed 30,000 or so. He guessed. And he answered rather casually and cavalierly. No sorrow. No regrets. No signals of the slightest grief. It's another credibility gap for this President. 30,000 is the number that the Iraq Body Count project ( is estimating, since the U.S. military has publicly declared it doesn't do body counts. Throw in 2,100+ U.S. military casualties, Iraqi military casualties, and "insurgents" killed in battle and in interrogation prisons and camps, and one U.S. General estimates 500,000 souls have been lost in this unnecessary and misguided debacle.

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