Thursday, December 22, 2005


I am now a year and a week away from "Bicycle India 2007," a 2,000-mile bicycle ride through central India to raise funds to rebuild Umri Christian Hospital. I plan to join four other riders to make up an international team that will cycle from the southern tip of India (Nagercoil) to New Delhi.

REBUILDING A HOSPITAL. With the six-week tour we hope not only to challenge ourselves personally, but to raise over $400,000 to rebuild this aging hospital that is the only source of primary health care for thousands of rural and low-income residents. I have developed a website/blogsite for our team - Please bookmark our Bicycle India 2007 sote, share the link, and engage this journey with us.


  1. Wow, that sounds like it will be quite a trek. What's your regimen for preparing?

  2. I ride short, 10-20 routes pretty routinely (five of seven days a week). Starting in the summer, I will start ratcheting up my trainging gradually. I'd like to be riding 35-45 miles a day by mid-November. I anticipate our daily rides in India will be less compact in time than my more time-intensive training rides. I don't have all day to train, but that will be the major focus of each ride day in India. 100 k, or 63 miles, in a day doesn't seem too overwhelming. On the other hand, doing that day after day after day in an unfamiliar terrain and culture--that is the nature of the challenge! Stay tuned.


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