Wednesday, December 14, 2005


LAST DAILY DIG. I received my last "Daily Dig" from the folks at Bruderhof on Friday. Apparently this vibrant community of faith that lives the cloistered life in Anabaptist tradition has decided to "unplug." You can see all that's currently left of their web presence at The last "Daily Dig" quotes were:

"The work is more important than the talking and the writing about the work." - Dorothy Day

"There have been enough words, enough sermons and books. What matters now is deeds." - Emmy Arnold

MIXED RESPONSES. Part of me laments the decision of their elders to pull the plug on their Internet presence. It was a leavening influence--salt and light in an electronic sea of grime, violence, and greed. Their ability to perceive and address current issues with depth and faithfulness to an alternative Kingdom perspective has been striking. I hope they will reconsider their decision. But part of me respects their decision to unplug. If they feel like this medium is inconsistent with their message or that it has somehow been polluting or diminishing them, or pulling them off their primary mission, then their decision is respected.

"THANKS" AND "WE'LL MISS YOU." I think I speak for numerous others when I say "thanks" for your influence and witness. And "we will miss you" as those of us who seek to be a leavening presence of grace and Kingdom hope through this medium continue to see, hear, reflect, and engage in the world in redemptive action.

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