Friday, December 23, 2005


Care to join with me on a 12-day journey over the "Twelve Days of Christmas?" I have prepared and updated readings and reflections for each day from Christmas to Epiphany, concluding on January 6. Instead of meandering after "the big day," why not keep watch through these weeks that lead us from festive days into the heart of winter? Here is the link to access each day's readings and reflections online: "Living the Twelve Days of Christmas."

AN ALTERNATIVE, BUT OLDER TRADITION. I must tell you that observing the "Twelve Days of Christmas" is relatively new to me. I attempted to observe Christmas this way for the first time a few years ago. But the more I am learning about the tradition, the more I appreciate this way of celebrating Christmas. Why not try to enter into this long-standing tradition as a spiritual exercise? Use my "Living the Twelve Days of Christmas" pages to bring Christmas alive in your heart.

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