Wednesday, November 16, 2005

GRACE NOTES. I have posted this week's Grace Notes, my weekly e-journal of gleanings from reading, personal reflections, and poems. Readings for the week include:
  • A Heart-felt Thanksgiving (a prayer of Ted Loder)
  • A Way of Seeing
  • Distressing Disguise (lyrics by Michael Card)
Here's an excerpt of my reflection titled "A Way of Seeing":

"If I do not frequently challenge vain expectations and seductive perceptions, they become self-reinforcing until vision is permanently clouded. Sadly, much of the social and global landscape is viewed through cataracted eyes; it is seen as a near-sighted opaque in which realities are obscured and hope is diminished. But coming close can cure near-sightedness. What is distant is illusory, unreal; when we come close to one another we see and touch realities—and can begin to respond in truth and love. Perhaps the most important discipline in our society today is to foster a way of seeing people through the eyes of Jesus." Read more

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