Thursday, November 10, 2005


LINK RESOURCE. I have added the prayers of the Daily Office online at Northumbria Community to the right side bar (below Bikehiker Jumps). You can link to the daily prayers--morning, midday, and evening--for each day of the month. You can also use the Complines for the last prayer of the day, if you so choose. I may add other prayer resources as I discover ones that are helpful to me.

WHO NEEDS THIS? I frequently challenge the folks in our community of faith to make prayer a priority. Prayer is included in each of our communty's gatherings, whether in worship, fellowship, Christian education, or recreation. The Apostle Paul admonished: "Be joyful always, Pray continuously. Give thanks in all circumstances." But focused prayer as a daily discipline evades most of us. Or, we evade it. Or, our prayers turn repetitive and shallow, barely sincere. The Daily Offices are simply a way to let the Scriptures lead us into prayer and keep us focued in continuous prayer. The Offices are a helpful beginning point for a deeper life of prayer. So, away with our excuses. Let us begin again...

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  1. Very good points about prayer. We know we should pray and yet as you say our prayers can turn repetitive and shallow if we are not careful. Keeping our prayer life vibrant and exciting is indeed a big challenge to us all.


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