Friday, November 4, 2005

AIRPORT...OR PRISON? My typical before- or after-work bike ride is to circle the perimeter of the Indianapolis International Airport. After September 11, 2001, another fence was erected around the public, civilian facility. Only this one is ten feet high and topped with razor ribbon. It is clear that no terrorists have attempted to sabotage aircraft or board airlines from anywhere but the terminal, so I ponder the real use or message of this prison-type fencing. What commercial purposes does it serve? What public safety purposes does it serve? What logic was at work to warrant this action? What if you carried that same logic out in all equally impactful possibilities for harm? What else would we fence with razor ribbon? Does knowing this fencing is in place instill a sense of safety in the citizenry? Or does it incite a higher degree of fear and centralized control? What would it take to reverse the order that put this fencing in place?

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