Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I retrieved Nancy Comiskey’s commentary in the Indianapolis Star on July 29, 1998 which Lou Zickler pointed out to me. Instead of wanting to know about community demographics and the standard ways of rating a community’s quality of life, Nancy wants to track the "screen door" factor for quality-of-life in small towns. She says she wants to know the following:

- The percentage of homes with wooden doors that slam when you go in and out.
- Does the town have a diner where they serve homemade jam and know how YOU like your eggs?
- The life expectancy of dogs who like to sleep in the road.
- The percentage of houses with window boxes full of flowers.
- The number of retirees who happily chat with neighborhood kids and keep Popsicles in their freezers.
- The percentage of houses with front porches.
- The average number of rockers on the front porches.
- The percentage of drivers who practice the "country wave."

"Most of all," Nancy says, "I want to know if it’s the kind of town where the fact that you are a neighbor is more important than your age, background, politics, or income."

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