Wednesday, October 5, 2005


These excerpts are from an online article by Hughes Burns. He reflects on gratitude as something that grounds us. I appreciate his thoughts:
"Gratitude and humility form the solid ground we can stand on when everything around us is shaking, when our personal life seems to be collapsing like a house of cards, or when we are exhausted from trying to be someone we are not and never have been, when we are no longer the ruler of our universe, when we are no longer able to pretend that it doesn't hurt/we can overcome/we never give up."

"Gratitude can anchor us so that we don't rise like the hot air balloon that can't stay up forever."

"Gratitude can give us the relieving sense of un-importance that we don't have to be perfect or always in control."

"Such gratitude comes to all who will notice the things that make our lives possible and that enriches us. The sun always rises. Food tastes good. Sleep refreshes. People smile. Children laugh. Seasons change. Spring returns. Good is more common than evil."

"An ancient prayer ends with these words: 'One thing more I ask: give to me a grateful heart.'"

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  1. Oh, my! How perfect and how true. This brought tears to my eyes. The Lord has been increasing my gratitude; showing me the things Nora has taught me and the things that have made my life richer as a result of those teachings. All of this increases as she deteriorates mentally and physically. The gratitude and grace are somehow linked. I have not thought it through well enough yet but I believe the more gratitude I have the more grace I am able to give.
    Thanks for continuing to encourage us with these wonderful thoughts!


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