Wednesday, September 21, 2005


BRUEGGEMANN'S INSIGHT. I've been re-reading Finally Comes the Poet by Old Testament scholar and teacher Walter Brueggemann. I came across a paragraph that I'd previously overlooked. It stands out to me today as a heavy and pointed reality to which I am invited to respond in repentance and Kingdom living:

ECONOMIC IMPLICATIONS OF THE GOSPEL. "The great fact of the Western world, and therefore the circumstance of our preaching, is that we gather as restless, greedy children of disproportion, caught in an ideology of acquisitiveness. That is, social goods, social access, and social power are not equally distributed. Some have too little. Some have too much. That some have too much is intimately related to the fact that some have too little."

HOW SHALL WE RESPOND? "While there are economic differentiations in the Christian community, the main body of our Western church constituency consists of adherents to and benefactors of the great Western disproportion. We have too much. We have more than our share. We have what belongs to the others, and now they want it back. This economic reality among us impinges on our capacity to hear and respond when we are addressed by God’s voice of command."

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