Saturday, September 3, 2005


What crises of faith have been confronted and internalized over the past week in and around New Orleans? Some have surely cursed God--"why have you done this to us?"--and those who failed to act quickly--"where were you in our desperation?" Some have surely blessed God for having survived Katrina with body and soul intact. Others, on the outside looking in, face a faith crisis of another kind: "why didn't we--or those who represent us--do more sooner?" From the torrent, all have experienced incredible pain. All have lost; some have found. There is despair and resignation; there is hope and heroism. There is resentment and regret; there is gratitude and grace. Let there be, in the days to come, healing for all.


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  7. Why not ask: Why did they live there? They knew it would happen some day, right?
    What I'm trying to say is that we can not look at this world through our eyes but through the eyes of God. When we put what we belive is right above all else, we should expect God to respond whether we were right or wrong.


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