Friday, September 23, 2005


IT IS TIME TO LISTEN. Approximately 100,000 American citizens are anticipated to gather in Washington, D.C., Saturday through Monday for peaceful protest to our goverment's war on Iraq. In the face of a quagmire approaching the depth of Vietnam, at a cost of nearly 2,000 American lives and multiple billions of dollars, and with America's ability to respond to domestic crises at risk, these common citizens are standing up to speak. Let us listen.

LAMENT & POSSIBILITIES. As they offer lament for the losses, for misplaced priorities of a nation; as they offer reasons and possibilities for an end to the war; as they chart a path for peace...they deserve to be heard. Let us listen. Let our government leaders listen.

WE'VE BEEN FORCE-FED WAR FOR THREE YEARS. The Bush Administration has had our undivided attention with war for three years. We have been force-fed violence since 9/11/01. War has been preached as the true American way to righteousness. We have watched as America has been thoroughly militarized and satiated with all things war-like. We have watched lives snuffed out to flag-waving justifications and rationalizations for more. We have listened to lies and unrepented misleadings to the American people and international community. We have given war-supporting leaders the benefit of the doubt in the face of common sense again and again.

WHO IS NOT LISTENING. Our President, in anticipation of war protesters and peace advocates assembling, has publicly declared that he is not going to listen. He declared that he's firm in his conviction that his war must go on. But his perspective is not the only one that matters. His personal sense of what is right does not define what is right, just, fair, or best for our nation or the other nations of the world.

LET US LISTEN TO PEACEMAKERS, FOR A CHANGE. War has had its chance. Now let us listen to those who speak of another way, a way of peace. Let us listen for the strength of peace. Let us listen for a way to end the insanity of war and move toward the nonviolent means that have served this--and all nations--best. Before you pass judgment or dismiss the peacemakers, open your heart, open your ears...and listen.

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