Wednesday, August 24, 2005

WHY DID THE CHRISTIAN CROSS THE ROAD? Brian McLaren has an article in the current issue of Sojourners that I recommend to all who are trying to reconcile or attend gracefully to the current religious/political left-right debacle that is playing itself out on a national and global scale. McLaren, the author of A Generous Orthodoxy (among other outstanding books), challenges us with some very probing and clarifying challenges. McLaren suggests seven ways we must change our communication if we are to be truly bridge people. Here are his seven points; read the story for the context:

1. We must stop answering questions that are framed badly.

2. We must start raising new questions and issues that need to be raised.

3. We must answer questions with questions.

4. We must go cleverly deeper.

5. We must agree with people whenever we can.

6. We must speak through action, not just words.

7. We must tell stories

DON'T ARGUE, ACT. Point #6: "We must speak through action, not just words. When Jesus sought to confront people for their hypocrisy and misplaced priorities, he didn’t argue; instead, he healed a man on the Sabbath. This created a stir that made his point more than any number of well-reasoned arguments could have. So, what we do for those suffering in Darfur may speak more eloquently than anything we say about domestic issues; how we treat our critics privately may speak more loudly to them than what we say in public."

This is one of the most helpful and insightful articles in Sojourners recently.

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