Friday, August 26, 2005

USA CYCLING CALLS FRENCH TESTS "PREPOSTEROUS." The governing body for United States professional cycling, USA Cycling, is denouncing the assertions by French newspaper L'Equipe that Lance Armstrong used performance-enhancing EPO in his 1999 Tour de France win. "Preposterous is a strong word, but it is warranted in this case," said Gerard Bisceglia, chief executive officer of USA Cycling. Read the AP story by Jim Vertuno.

COMPLETELY WITHOUT CREDIBILITY. Quoting from Vertuno's article: "'Lance Armstrong is one of the most tested athletes in the history of sport and he has come up clean every single time,' Bisceglia said. 'This kind of years-ago testing of a single sample with new technology is completely without credibility. What's worse is that Lance cannot defend himself because there is no mechanism for final resolution,' he added. Although Armstrong has not said if he'll pursue legal action, Bisceglia said USA Cycling will support him in whatever way he chooses to 'denounce these accusations.'"

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