Tuesday, August 2, 2005

SURPRISE LILIES - DAY 4. If I hadn't been watching, these bud stalks growing out of Becky's front-yard flower bed would have surprised me this morning as I retrieved the Indianapolis Star from the tube. The tallest stalk is now nearly 20 inches high and the pink flowers within the bud shell are visible. How long will it be before the cluster breaks out? Not long.

Note in the background: it seems that 9 out of 10 driveways in Indiana has a basketball goal (except certain faux-bourgeois neighborhoods where covenants prohibit them as unsightly). In our case, intense games of basketball prevent delicate flowers--like these surprise lilies--from surviving on that end of the house. English ivy and hearty hostas, however, seems to enjoy being buffeted by a stray basketball every now and then.

Another background note: the blue Mustang indicates that Abby is home from college for just a few more weeks.

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