Tuesday, August 16, 2005

PELOTON ONE. Sal Ruibal of USA Today, who recently rode mountain bikes with President George W. Bush at his Crawford, Texas ranch, says the first rule in "Peloton One" is don't ever pass the President. Read Sal's story. He reports that since giving up running because of bad knees, the 59-year old has become a serious, fast, and competitive cyclist. I think I just found the one thing I have in common and actually agree with in this President. Next MTB partner for the Prez: Lance Armstrong. Armstrong reports that he has been invited to ride at the ranch on Saturday. Armstrong is friends with both Bush and John Kerry. Photo credit: USA Today


  1. DETOUR AT CRAWFORD. I wonder if Lance Armstrong, who has commented that he thinks the money spent on the Iraq war would be much better spent in cancer research, would have the audacity to stop outside the Bush ranch at Crawford to talk with Ms. Sheehan? Perhaps he could convince Mr. Bush to talk to this mother whose son was killed in Iraq.

  2. I wonder what Armstrong's girlfriend, Sheryl Crow, thought of his time spent with the president. She has been vocal in her disagreement with the Iraq War.


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