Saturday, August 6, 2005


I haven't yet worked this poem into a better form, but it's on my mind and in my heart, so here goes an early expression...

These are extraordinary American days,
the living of which takes more gall
than courage.

We ride a high-tech tide
surfing the world’s resources
with nary a notice of
disconcerted natives staring

A formidable force we are--
voracious, discerning consumers
trained to shop the best bargains
while global predators do our bidding,
prowling new markets to exploit
and secure against a backdrop
of military might.

“Let there be free markets” we cry,
and take every liberty we can
to lock-in our advantage by hook
or by crook.

And with a straight face we pass
our days debating fantasy football
and restaurant preferences.

A few wade out into the tide,
straining against the undertow;
they call for restraint to rampant globalism,
suggest corporate culpability,
and posit fairer alternatives.

The thrill of the ride
and the sound of the breakers
drown out those desperadoes.
Are they too timid to brave these swells?
Too backward to catch our vision?
Afraid—perhaps resentful—
of our freedoms?

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