Wednesday, August 17, 2005


The good folks at the Bruderhof left the following quote by Friedrich Wilhelm Foerster in my e-mail inbox this morning:
"Our technological civilization has cushioned life on all sides, yet more than ever before, people helplessly succumb to the blows of life. This is very simply because a merely technological culture cannot give any help in the face of life’s eternal tragedy; here only an inward foundation can help. Externalized as they are, too many people today have no ideas, no strength, nothing that might enable them to master their restlessness and dividedness. They do not know what to make of trials, obstacles, or suffering--how to make something constructive of them--and perceive them only as things that oppress and irritate them and interfere with life. -- F. W. Foerster in "Hauptaufgaben der Erziehung"