Friday, August 5, 2005


GALL, AMNESIA, & NARROW-MINDEDNESS. These are extraordinary times, the living of which takes both courage and gall. Gall, I am convinced, is the most common and necessary personal and social attribute for living successfully in American society these days. Combined with a good dose of amnesia regarding history and narrow-mindedness regarding moral responsibility, I can't imagine a person or interest group surviving well or long without gall.

COURAGE & CONSUMERISM. On the other hand, I wonder if courage has atrophied from a necessary mainstream American attribute. Who needs courage when you can consume? No, courage is only necessary for those desperadoes who seem to stand on the margins and cry "foul!" and who would repeatedly rain on our parade--if we let them get close enough! (cf distant "free speech zones"). Just try standing your ground against the tide of this consumer economy. Now that takes courage!

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