Wednesday, August 10, 2005


TOO SOON. Today, three of our children headed back to school. It's just August 10th! Too soon, legislators and educators! Today is the opening day of the Indiana State Fair and my kids are headed back to school. That's commentary enough.

JARED. Jared begins his senior year of high school. He will once again be captain of his soccer team. I wish you the best in the classroom and on the field this fall, Jared! I so enjoy watching you play the game. And I hope you enjoy being a senior. Just don't neglect your studies amid a fun-filled year. We are pumped about your future.

MOLLY. Molly is a freshman and is in the first class in the township's brand new Ninth Grade Center. Molly's also playing varsity soccer with the high school. I hope this is a great year for you, Hopper. Don't put yourself under pressure. The best things will come to you if you wait and persevere.

SAM. Sam starts 7th grade at "Chapel Hill 7th & 8th Grade Center," a fancy name for the old Ben Davis Jr. High. And he's playing on the school football team. This is a big step up for you, Sam. Make the most of your abilities, with your classes and in study, and also on the field. Put first things first and you'll never have any regrets.

BECKY. Becky's back at school, too, as school nurse at the Ninth Grade Center. New digs, new clinic, new students, new demands. You will be grace to them, Bec. I am proud of you for this investment of yourself that you are making.

ABBY. Abby heads back to college next week for two weeks of soccer camp and two-a-days before classes begin the last week of August. Best wishes to you for your sophomore year. Keep up your confidence and pursue your dreams. Seize the day!