Tuesday, July 5, 2005


NEW SITE LAUNCHED LAST NIGHT. Check out my new Tour de France blog effort. I put together "The TdF for the Rest of Us" last night in an effort to make my rantings and raving on the Tour de France more readable, accessible and graphic. This takes the place of "My Amateurish Tour de France Updates" site. Go there and bookmark it/save it to your favorites if you want to catch up on my daily entries during the month of July.

FOR THE REST OF US. It's "for the rest of us" because most of us that are somehow smitten by the Tour de France are outsiders looking in. We don't know the terms and most web sites are full of sophisticated "in" languagage and techno-babble about the sport. "The TdF for the Rest of Us" is easy reading and includes a continuously growing glossary of Tour and cycling terms, along with helpful links, to make following the Tour through the month of July understandable, even enjoyable.

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