Wednesday, June 22, 2005

TdF COUNTDOWN: 10 DAYS! July 2nd hovers on the horizon as a date with destiny for Lance Armstrong and the other 188 entrants in the 2005 Tour de France. July 2nd is the Prologue, a short individual time trial that will likely distinguish a handful of contenders from the mass of supportive riders. After that, it's 21 grueling stages in 23 days with the conclusion in Paris on July 24th.

ONE STORY AND MANY. There will be many sub-plots and dramatic side stories to tell--and I will try to selectively tell them here and in my even-day "Amateurish Tour de France Updates" (let me know if you'd like to receive them via e-mail). But there is only one main story: will Lance Armstrong, the cancer-surviving American who has won the Tour de France an unprecedented 6 consecutive times, ride to victory a seventh time in what he has promised--win or lose--is his last professional cycling race? And it will take over 2,000 miles and three weeks to reveal. Stay tuned...and ride a little while you're at it!

Let the anticipation build; visit the official 2005 Tour de France website.

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